Curator Focus : We Treat Owners Properties As if They Were Our Own

At Apartment Stay we take care of each owners property as if it were our own. Whether an owner has one apartment or more properties in our holiday pool, we manage them all with the same level of care and attention to detail.

We take the time to get to know each property owner personally, and their properties, so we can tailor our services to meet the owners unique needs and preferences, with a view towards getting consistent 5 star guest reviews for each property.

@Weekly Payouts From Audited Trust Account

We help owners towards achieving a high rental return for their properties. We continually monitor all aspects of each owners property towards maximising return on investment. From listing, pricing, marketing, guest management, maintenance, etc, we seek to optimize every aspect towards maximisation of ROI.

Our Real Estate Trust account is externally audited as per the Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading licensing and Trust Account regulations. We process payouts @weekly to owners' bank accounts, along with owner tax invoices, to ensure owners get their funds as soon as possible.

We also provide owners with real time access to information about their property via our portal, accessible 24/7

Contact us today to discuss your property's earning potential and how we can help you optimize your return on investment.

Comprehensive Management Services

Day-to-day styling and presentation for guests. Happy guests = happy everyone including owners - 5 star reviews feedback into maximising occupancy and pricing, which assists ROI
Property improvements - we work with owners to assess and plan improvements to the property as appropriate, per an improvement plan. These can include amongst others, soft furnishings, furniture replacements, appliance replacements, wall painting, electrical maintenance (eg lighting), carpet/flooring replacements, as appropriate.
Maintenance - things happen, we can call on our range of tradespeople, electricians, plumbers, tradespersons, specialist contractors, to sort maintenance issues arising as quickly as possible. A well maintained apartment helps with happy guests = happy everyone including owners - 5 star reviews feedback into maximising occupancy and pricing, which assists ROI
Dressing of the apartment for marketing purposes, professional photography of the apartment, and the marketing of the apartment - across many booking sites, and our own direct website, with a focus on getting direct bookings.
Pricing of the apartment through various seasons in line with the market, and continual repricing as appropriate towards getting the optimum ROI. Adjustment of pricing for booking gaps and filling gaps where appropriate.
All aspects of Guest management through the Guest lifecycle - enquiries, questions, bookings, pre arrival, security/damage deposits, terms and conditions (amongst others), check in, key management, in-stay, issues management, check out, inspections, post stay reviews, alterations amongst many others. We have handled over 8000 bookings to date, so we are highly experienced in dealing with all these aspects.
Provision of advanced in-room tools for guests, eg a highly detailed digital compendium detailing things about the apartment and its contents, eg "how to", "where to find", appliance instructions amongst others, the resort facilities, local activities etc,with QR code, that is accessible by guests inside each apartment.
Relationships with Building Management, and building departments, eg Security to address and resolve any raised issues as quickly as possible, including evictions where necessary.
Cleaning Management - scheduling and coordinating of our housekeeping team, which uses commercially laundered linen (to hotel standards).
Services Management - eg Internet, Foxtel, Utilities etc from a guest issues resolution perspective.
After-hours services to guests, such as lockouts and lost keys

Custom-Designed Platform for Streamlined Management

Our entire team uses our custom-designed platform, PlatformStay, which has 17 modules and approximately 120 screens, including fully integrated Real Estate Statutory Trust Account Management. Integrated with real-time API connections to other services as needed, our platform provides 24/7 real-time access to information about your assets.

We also provide:

  • an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Virtual Assistant to guests to enhance the guest experience, towards the earning of more 5 Star Reviews for owners assets.
  • a detailed interactive in-room Digital Compendium in each of our apartments accessible by guests 24/7 to provide detailed information across all aspects of the individual apartment, and the resort (and facilities) the apartment is situated in.
  • No other operator in our market has these technologies

    With our comprehensive management services, and advanced technologies, owners can leave everything to us and watch the returns roll in. Many of our owners have been with us for over 5 years, some 8 years, and trust us to handle everything so they can focus on other aspects of their lives.


    Peter, I wanted to thank you for being the best agent I’ve ever dealt with. Being an active property investor, I’ve dealt with many agents who helped me with my dreams as well as meeting agents who were disappointing. Over 7+ years of working with you on my Surfers property (high floor luxury Soul apartment), it has always been easy and smooth. Your team is forever helpful and made sure that the property is well looked after without breaking the bank. I know I can reach out to you and you will promptly help beyond your duties. Thank you again.

    Apartment Owner and Client of 7+ years

    April 2023

    Working with Peter has always been a positive experience. My experience with Peter & Apartment Stay has exceeded all previous apartment managers we have had over the past 15 years

    (referring to apartment managers prior to our appointment in 2013/2014).

    Apartment Owner and Client of 8-9 Years

    March 2023

    Pete has managed 2 of our Gold Coast (central Surfers Paradise luxury high rise) apartments for the past 8-9 years. He's always prompt to attend any property issues and quick to answer us. He takes pride in personally managing our places and looks after our properties well, being informative and with good occupancy rates. We would highly recommend Pete to manage your property. Thank you Pete for everything!

    Apartment Owner (2x) and Client of 8-9 Years

    March 2023